Our Team

Ben Desnoyers

President and CEO

Ben Desnoyers is the founder and CEO of Publication Point, LLC. He is a legal advertising veteran with an extensive understanding of traditional, modern and cutting-edge methods for efficiently disseminating and publishing notices and other public communications. His 16 years of experience have made him knowledgeable and skilled in automated systems and innovations to help facilitate paperless courtrooms, e-filing and other process efficiency solutions.  Furthermore, he has a thorough understanding of all statutory requirements needed to publish public notices. Ben earned a journalism degree from South Dakota State University, and lives in the Chicago area with his wife, Kristin, and two children.

Sherrie Mezyk

Director of Operations

Sherrie Mezyk’s background in the mortgage foreclosure industry spans over 15 years.  Sherrie served as a Judicial Sale Officer for ten years, where she assisted in conducting court appointed foreclosure sales throughout Illinois.  Expanding on her vast experience with the foreclosure process, Sherrie took on a nationwide role as a Foreclosure Asset Manager for Auction.com in Irvine, California, overseeing foreclosure assets of multiple firms across the country.  She played an integral role in reviewing appraisals and broker price opinions while ensuring compliance pertaining to foreclosure and auction assets.   Sherrie joined Statewide Publishing in 2014 as Director of Operations, where she was responsible for overseeing the daily operations relative to legal publications in Illinois.  Sherrie now enjoys a similar role with Publication Point serving a nationwide market. Before concentrating on mortgage foreclosures, Sherrie worked for several Chicago area Law firms including Johnson & Bell, Ltd. and Borovsky & Ehrlich.

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Director, Newspaper Compliance

At Publication Point, Jennifer has built a successful working relationship with hundreds of newspaper legal advertising teams across the United States. Part of her role includes guiding newspapers through the legal notice process and ensuring the legal notices are being published correctly according to state statutes. She has also trained new staff on the legal notice process and manages a team of legal notice specialists. Before Publication Point, Jennifer worked for its sister company, Statewide Publishing, after spending several years as a middle school teacher. Being part of the team from the ground floor, she helped develop and organize the newspaper process flow for the company. At Statewide, she developed strong relationships with over 300 newspapers in Illinois. Her educational background includes a Masters of Education and Leadership degree from St. Xavier’s University in Illinois and a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Illinois State University.