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We’ve been Helping Companies Perfect their Public Notice Processes since 2015

Publication Point is a national public notice outsourcer. We use technology to streamline the public notice process to reduce cost, eliminate errors and shorten timelines. We offer our customers a single point of contact with national reach and provide related services such as notice drafting, court filing and mailing services.


Streamline your legal notice placement processes.


Reduce the cost of public notices.

Real Estate

Optimize the effectiveness of your public notices.

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What We Bring to the Table


System to system integration for proprietary and commercial systems.

Notice Drafting

Let us draft the notice for you.

Panel Management

Let us maintain the panel of newspapers for you.

Create Competition

Let us price shop the notice to reduce your costs.

Quality Assurance

We check every character, each time the notice runs. We catch errors that others miss.

Ensure Compliance

Regulations change as do newspapers. Let us ensure your papers are compliant.

Affidavit Collection

Let us collect all support materials for you.


We handle the bookkeeping for you.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

Let’s Perfect Your Public Notice Processes Together