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High Perfomance Using Code

High quality performance processing has become an important part in many professional and consumer applications.


Hall Hunter Partnership asked us to design and deliver a pragmatic and inspiring series of leadership development programmes that could be be delivered over several years at different levels within the organisation from the Senior Leadership Team through the Mid Management level to Team Supervisors.

Client: Hall Hunter Partnership

Services:  Product Design


The programme which has been running since 2015 had to be a combination of theoretical input, including the psychometric tool Insights Discovery, and the practical application of the theory through experiential learning.

The CEO of a public sector client was struggling to get employee buy-in for their organisation’s newly rolled out strategic direction. He was becoming increasingly frustrated that staff members could not answer the question, “what is our strategic intent?” The traditional means of communicating strategic decisions via the end of month employee recognition event and through the internal newsletter weren’t working. To solve this problem he initiated two new actions.

Programming is no longer simply about the correct specification of an algorithm, but expands to understanding and exploiting features of the target architecture in all aspects of an application: algorithm choice, data structures and data layout, where to exploit parallelism, how to make the best use of the memory hierarchy, and how to avoid costly communication and synchronization between cooperating computations. Building applications while addressing performance and scalability concerns is difficult and frequently leads to low-level software that exposes architectural details. If the application is successful enough to outlive the target architecture, then this process must be repeated.


This was all carried out at New Place Conference Centre where we have purpose built leadership command tasks around the grounds and included our challenging Sinking Submarine Exercise with the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Interactive, multimedia Leadership Masterclasses by HPD motivational speakers Mark Denton and Damian Cottle were also a key part of the overall programme.

Further investigation into the employee comments indicated the employees felt unprepared to deal with difficult and impatient customers. As a result, the Director of People and Culture implemented training in customer resolution, which was conducted on a regular basis. Employees were also encouraged to share their experiences with other employees on how they resolved certain incidents. A wall was erected in the call centre area displaying tips on how to deal with difficult customers and to share positive experiences, which made the call centre employees feel more empowered and enabled in a pressured environment. This enhanced their engagement levels.


We have seen a remarkable increase in leadership skills and cross functional working within The Hall Hunter Partnership over the last few years. A great credit to them implementing the action plans they developed from the programmes.

One organisation we assisted recently was facing a revenue and expense squeeze. Previously, in a similar situation, they had cut costs by making people redundant and employee morale had suffered. This time, the leadership team took into account the feedback from their recent employee survey and associated focus groups. As a result, they informed their people of the situation at hand and gave each office and department a target for cost control with an opportunity for employees to contribute ideas.


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